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Dear friends, we have temporary internal issues so executing your music requests is suspend till Tuesday (26, July). Sorry for inconveniences.
Dear friends, please notice that due to internal reasons music requests will not be processed from Saturday (June, 25) to Monday (June, 27) inclusive. However, you may post your music requests during this period, which will be processed starting Tuesday (June, 28). Sorry for inconveniences.
The new version of affiliate program was released recently.

Currently we offer the following options to get started:
- open REST API web service, which provides data in XML and JSON formats, as well as supports JSONP format. The API documentation can be found here
- a catalog implemented based on the API, which can be downloaded from the affiliate area. The catalog will contain up-to-date information on "last added releases" and charts. Database update is no longer you concern.
- javascript promo widgets with JSONP implementation. A user-friendly wizard will help you adjust your widget to your design. All settings are configurable and reflected in widgets preview area.
- a possibility to set up your trackers, either Google analytic or PPC tracker for conversions monitoring
- detailed, almost real-time, statistics

Affiliate Rates:

The starting rate that we offer is 30% from each deposit made by the client brought by you (including rebills). As there are three possible deposit rates on our site - $10, $25, $50 and $100 - your income will be $3.0, $7.5, $15.0 or $30.0, consequently. In case of 250+ deposits in the past month made by the clients brought by you, your rate in the next month will be automatically increased to 35%. This rate will be effective for the whole month regardless of the number of deposits in that month. The highest possible rate is 40%. It requires 1000+ deposits in the past month.

Referral Rates:

You are encouraged to invite other web-masters to join our affiliate program. To do that you need to give them an invitation code. In case the referred web master becomes our affiliate you will receive 10% of your affiliates' earnings.

The service is being constantly improved. We are open to your enhancement suggestions.

Please refer us at to get invitation code.

Thanks. Looking forward for cooperation.
Dear Friends, We are about to meet the New Year and say good bye to the year 2010. At a time like that you don’t usually talk about billing issues or other problems, but we have to acknowledge that this year brought us many surprises and not all of them were pleasant. Nevertheless, the hardships have hardened us, making us more seasoned. We promise that in the next year we will keep up high level of our services and will do our best to eliminate all possible problems.

We are also glad to announce that for the period of January 1-10 the price will be reduced to 10 cents per track

We wish you a Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true!
Sincerely,Your MP3Caprice Team.
Due to objective reasons we decided to withhold from changing our pricing policy for now. Thus, as of December 1, 2010 the price will remain 12 cents per track. We are planning to introduce the above changes in the next year.

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