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Add Album Review And Get Free Tracks!

Know much about music? Get free tracks for sharing your knowledge with us!

1. Post a review to your favorite albums.

2. Each posted review is your chance to get your favorite tracks for free.

3. Authors of reviews accepted by our moderator will receive up to $2 to their bonus accounts. This money can be used to download any tracks from our store.


1. Only registered users can add reviews.

2. Only original and relevant reviews are accepted; rewritten reviews are unaccepted.

3. Each user can add any number of reviews and get bonuses for each of them.

4. For each approved review a user can get a bonus from 15 cents to 2 dollars.

5. The amount of the bonus depends on the size of your review.

Tell A Friend And Get Extra Bonuses!

Know the music your friends may like? Tell your friends about our site and the tracks they can find here and get bonuses to your account.

It’s simple! :)

1. Go to the page with the album you want to recommend to your friend and click “Tell A Friend”.

2. Enter your friend’s email , your name and surname, and the message you would like to send to him/her.

3. Send the email.

In case your friend signs up with us, you will be getting 10% of every refill they make. These bonuses can be used to download any tracks or albums from our store.


1. Only registered users who have at least once refilled their account can use the service.

2. Inappropriate use of the service for any other correspondence or spamming will be prosecuted up to account blockage.

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