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1973-02-25: Leicester, UK


1973-02-25: Leicester, UK


  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

Type: Live

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 6

Language: English

Total size: 171.79 Mb

Year: 2006

Total price: $0.92

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26.46 Mb
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This may be something of a Holy Grail for Genesis fans. In 1973, Genesis released a live album, glibly enough called Genesis Live. At the time, the band was far more well-known as an incredible live band than a studio band; they had no real hit single or album success to speak of at the time. Yet Peter Gabriel's stage costumes and antics, combined with the complex, progressive music played by a virtuoso-level group of musicians made them something of a cult favorite in the music industry. So the prospect of a live album had many fans salivating; perhaps this would really put on display what the band is about.

Fans were happy with the release, but a bit confused. Some of the best songs were completely left off the album, in particular the 25-minute opus "Supper's Ready". It was good enough to give the band some momentum going into their upcoming studio albums, but disappointingly short. This probably should have been a double lp, but perhaps because the band had not yet sold a ton of albums, it was limited to a single album. This release fills in that one glaring gap. It is thought to be a Dutch test pressing of the album; some may debate the specifics of this, but for all intents and purposes this is probably a good assumption. It definitely is a recording from February 25, 1973 in Leicester, with "Get 'em Out By Friday" coming from Manchester on the 24th. The sound is improved from the official release, and the inclusion of "Supper's Ready" make it a must for fans of the prog rock era.

Fans of the more recent Genesis incarnations, the hit makers of the 80's and 90's led by Phil Collins, will be in for a bit of a culture shock here. These are not singles, nor are they meant to be. This is classic progressive rock. The songs are long and complex, they explore themes beyond simple love songs, often wandering into things like religion, politics and the supernatural. This is a collision of rock and classical music. This is most evident in the now-included "Supper's Ready". The song progresses through seven different segments, each different from the last, but with themes and musical pieces connecting the whole. This is to music what T.S. Eliot's "The Waste Lands" was to literature, it seems to cover everything, all religions, theories, war, peace...there is a lot in the song. But the melody and the complexity of the numbers are amazing. The band is just perfect; Phil Collins handles some unusual time signatures with seeming ease, as evidences in "Apocalypse 9/8", guitarist Steve Hackett creates some amazing atmospheres throughout, backed by Mike Rutherford's bass, Tony Banks is one of the best keyboardists around, and of course Peter Gabriel is a uniquely talented performer, and storyteller on the vocals.

Those who have and enjoy the original Genesis Live album will be impressed with this set, as the sound is cleaned up, and "Supper's Ready" was a glaring omission. Those who are a fan of the era, but never picked up the album should absolutely get this, your mind will be blown. Newer fans may want to ease into the pool a little; make sure you like the progressive rock version of the band before getting this. Maybe try listening to "Selling England By The Pound" first, or even "Foxtrot", which contains "Supper's Ready". If you enjoy these, you will absolutely love this great find.

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