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21 (Deluxe Edition)


21 (Deluxe Edition)


  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 13

Language: English

Total size: 125.37 Mb

Year: 2011

Total price: $1.56


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Ok I'm a teenage guy and I listen to rap (like big sean, kendrick, andy mineo, etc), but even I found this album impressive.Adele's voice is amazing & shes got decent stories to tell in each song.Really just a great album!Set fire to the rain is freaking amazing too!
yeah just give it a try at least.
Being brutally honest, before this album I was never a fan of Adele, finding her a little depressing to listen to and I therefore didn't really listen to her new songs. However I was at a friends house and heard this album, and was amazed. The song writing quality is brilliant, and coupled with Adele's great voice it does produce something special. Undoubtedly for me the greatest song is 'Someone Like You' which unlike so many singles released these days communicates real emotion, and makes the hairs on your neck stand up.

However, despite the fact that this is a great album I have given it four stars as the depressing element does remain, and I have to be in the right mood to listen to it. I think for Adele to move on further she should look to include some slightly more upbeat songs on her next album, although she is definitely suited to what she is currently doing.
Average rating for me...

Adele is an artist that I like sometimes. I feel like Adele is a very talented young woman, and she has a voice like no other. Her songs are very soulful and contain deep lyrics, but they're kind of repetitive, so I'm not really drawn to them.

Rumor has it is a song that I listen to frequently. My dance teacher uses the song to teach dances across the floor, and the song has a nice beat to it. It's very nice. Over all, I give it an average rating of about 2.5/5.
Crisp, poignant, vulnerable, melodic and soulful. You can tell Adele crafted this album carefully because such attention to detail is paid. I haven't seen songwriting of this caliber in popular music in a long long time.

She is a throwback to a time when artists wrote poetry to music and people could relate in their own lives making this album, in my opinion, an instant classic.

Although, this album may attract all audiences there are two tracks that can relate to anyone. Two songs stand apart: "Set Fire To The Rain" and "Someone Like You". Hard to say which is better. The energy of "Set Fire To The Rain" is is the emotion of "Someone Like You". If you have no interest in the whole album, at least get these two songs. No, I mean right now, go get them. They are two songs that must be heard!

The album is an easy listen, not because it identifies the album's musical genre; but because the songs in it are so approachable, so easy to enjoy while doing anything. Musical instruments are kept to a minimum in most tracks, with a piano, an acoustic guitar or set of drums providing some of the musical setting.
This is one of those rare albums that you can put on and listen to the entire thing without skipping a track. In my opinion Adele is by far the best singer in our generation and this album proves it. Adele brings a unique style to the music industry, which it definately needed. My favorite songs on the album is "hiding my heart" and "if it hadnt been for love". I give it 5 stars and 2 thumbs and am really looking forward to hearing more from adele.
I had heard Adele's first album "19" two years ago at it's release and I loved it. When she brought this one out, I didn't expect her to be able to top her stunning debut album, but she did. From the beautifully sad "Someone Like You" to the rythmic, catchy "Rumour Has It" without forgetting her number one hits like "Rolling In The Deep", there are several different styles of song as they're all fantastic. You can lose yourself in the album, just sitting listening to it for an hour. I never regretted buying this at full price but at under $2, this is a no-brainer. Get it!
What can I say about Adele other than how about that voice? I have been nothing but impressed with the acustical and all vocals from her. I have bought her music and i would recommend it to anyone. I feel her music has an honesty put with lyrics you can relate to and understand. I definately give a thumbs up to adele and all of her music. If you have the time and inclination, give her a chance!Five stars for Adele from this music lover. Some of my favorite tracs are rolling in the deep, someone like you, and for albums 21.
Naa Ster! OUT
I do not get the love and hype for this album? The songs are mediocre at best. There is no denying that Adele can sing and has a very powerful voice, but the songs are just so depressing and repetitive. I've tried to get into 21 so many times, but each song just sounds the same, whinny and depressing. I would only recommend this to a friend, if they were going through a bad break up and needed some sort of sad songs to cry to. Get this rubbish out of the charts already please, doesn't every depressive own this album already?
I cannot stop listening to this album! It's absolutely beautiful, and it makes perfect sense that she named it "21", after her age, because it does show her growth, both vocally and as a person. "Rolling in the Deep" is a song that shows off her voice and is stunning. "Rumor Has It" is a catchier number that is just as good. "Someone Like You" is a song that grows on you and demonstrates her remarkable ability to hold a note. Every song serves multiple purposes on this album, both showing off Adele's musical ability and showing what she has been through as a person. By the end of the album, not only does the listener want to hit repeat, but they feel that they know Adele as a person due to the honesty and emotion captured in each and every track.
Am usually a metal-head but Adele is outstanding! Her voice and vocal arrangements are inspiring! While there aren't screaming loud fast guitars, she proves that she has the ability to contend with best vocalists out there! "Set Fire To The Rain", "Rolling In The Deep", & "Someone Like You" have terrific song organization that work well and suit her vocals perfectly for the songs! No one could sing these songs the way her throaty voice does! "Rumor Has It", "He Won't Go", and "I'll Be Waiting" speak for themselves. A masterpiece of an album that everyone needs to have on their shelf - young or old!! This album is simply amazing!!!!

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