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A Thousand Suns

Linkin Park

A Thousand Suns


  • Currently 4.142857142857143/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 15

Language: English

Total size: 110.65 Mb

Year: 2010

Total price: $1.80

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This album is a masterpiece. There is no other way to put it. It's a perfect summary of modern life, rolled into one impressive album. If you watched the video for "What I've Done" off their album "Minutes to Midnight" and were impressed, be prepared to have your mind blown.

Every word spoken on this disk has meaning. It all starts with an incredible instrumental opening into the words spoken by the father of the atomic bomb himself. You're going to hear foreshadowing in "When They Come For Me", the melancholy of daily life in "Robot Boy" and "Waiting for the End", and then a brilliant climax in "Blackout." Almost a Christ-like story - a man slowly thrust into greatness by the virtue of what he does on a daily basis, and a sudden, sharp darkness in what was to the date of this album the heaviest track they had ever laid down.

It's at "Wretches and Kings" that the album transcends. A labour union speech from Mario Savio wakes us up after the heaviness, as the world awakens (perhaps post-crucifixion) into the industrial revolution and the struggles reminiscient of the loss of innocence in Blackout.

While the whole album has to be listened to cover-to-cover, if you just can't, then at least sit down for tracks 10-15. They have to be heard together, from Martin Luther King Jr.'s powerful voice losing all humanity, to perhaps the greatest song Linkin Park has ever released (Iridescent), to the de-dehumanization that takes place in "Fallout" and into "The Catalyst" and "The Messenger." Like a risen Christ-figure or the rebirth of humanity after the depths of its darkest descent, we wake up to the greatest beauty and hope that humanity can create.

This album is incredible. It needs to be heard cover to cover, all 47:48 of it. Sit down and enjoy it and tell your story through it. There's power here that needs to be heard to be truly enjoyed.
I may call since today my own the album and have heard it by now 4 times. Advance have I clean is already on YouTube and various other pages. This is a mistake! Times, the album should namely definitely listen as work and perceive. That makes it at least somewhat rounder work and it is apparent that a concept behind. Yes not for nothing is a concept album!

Still, I belong to the people, the on your iPod, MP3 player or what ever, the favourites out pecking. Unfortunately, there are far too few on this disc for my taste. I heard through HT and Meteora for hours at a time. M2M also a few years later associated with this list (with the exception of a few less tracks).

This album is however far too short (some are "Luckily the Sch is... over" may be) thinking. I see it a bit differently. The fact is, you are looking forward to 15 new tracks, 9 are effectively left over at the end. The other 6(!) are intros and interludes. Fits as I said to the concept album. Nevertheless, asks you why 6 Californians get it not on the series 3 years (M2M came out in May 2007) to bring more full songs on the disc. Good HT was also short and yet a dream. Theroetisch so here also possible. We think "Dear 9 good songs as only 5 good and 8 gap filler".

Before I a little describe the individual songs, I must simply hold that some LP fans (I count myself as one) distort the assessment. Clearly, music is a matter of taste, but in many reviews are 5 star out Plumlee, just because one wants to call himself as a loyal fan. As a fan, you must what produced the band, critically reflect and comment on. Reasons such as "the band wanted and must evolve and that is good and therefore 5 star" are extremely flat and without any information for other potential buyers. The album is definitely not a "masterpiece" in my eyes, as some describe it here. This is simply an exaggeration. As a fan of a football team, I find top Yes not always any new signing or the new coach. On the other hand are very many 1 star reviews a la "disappointment of the year" or "What has become of LP?". The truth is after I feel somewhere in the Middle, therefore 3 stars.
One of my favorite ablums, this album speaks to you in more ways than you can imagine, especially in this world we live in today.
Though I am a huge Linkin Park fan, this was a very disappointing album for me. It does have very good sound...for an R&B album. But I do not listen to Linkin Park for something this relaxed. I look for emotional rock in their music, not songs that could pass for R&B/pop. Some may disagree, but the true fans know that this is not what we want from Linkin Park. A newcomer will probably love this style of their music, but to us who have been listening for years, the old LP died. I am not saying that they sold out though. Trying to appeal to the masses is not selling out. It's called capitalism, and some die-hard fans will be left behind.

On to the song reviews. I can only review 3 songs off this album because that's all that I approved of. The first is The Catalyst. A good song through and through, nothing like their old stuff. It does get tired after awhile, mostly due to them repeating the same lines over and over. But a good enough sound to keep you interested for the long run.

The next song for review is Waiting For The End. This song has a lot of that new-age sound to it. A good feeling behind the melody, but not a song that can make a turn around on you. A one-and-done song to say the least.

The last song is Blackout, which in my opinion resembles the old Linkin Park the most, and probably is the best song on this album. They do switch this song half way through from rock to a softer sound, which seems to be a common element in this album. But there is enough hard style rock in the beginning to keep it level headed with LP's reputation. Check this album out for yourself, and listen to their earlier stuff. But please do not judge them off of this album alone.
I have to say that this may be Linkin Park's best album to date. The songs are both lyrical masterpieces while at the same time contain catchy beats. You will hear these songs once and then beg to hear them again and again. I heard "Iridescent" on the radio and found myself lost within the story told by these fabulous artists. Now that I own it, I hope to get lost again. 10/10
Linkin park have certainly returned with a treat! A nice diverse album with plenty of "big" tunes. New musical styles have appeared in this album, a few world influences which have added a richer sound, and something a bit different for fans, ut still not straying from the classic signature heavy rock rap that they seem to pull off much better than the majority of their peers. Brill album overall, highly recommended!
Whats up ladies and Gents Nick comin to you with a review of "A thousand Suns." Your in for a treat because this is the first album I believe of 2010 that is a perfect 10. This album really does it all for me with a good blend of vocals and the rock of old with the roots of Linkin Park. Sure, many believe the older first albums were the "cat's meow" so to speak. I do believe however this far surpasses this. Speechless. Listen to the 30 seconds they give you. You will soon understand why i love this album so much. 10/10 Perfection
Peace, Nick

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