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Alive 2007 (Limited Edition)

Daft Punk

Alive 2007 (Limited Edition)


  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

Type: Live

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 13

Language: English

Total size: 192.35 Mb

Year: 2007

Total price: $1.61


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This is definitely the best live album I have ever listened to. The way they mix songs together non-stop is amazing. They remixed all of the songs from their best album together and this was the result. It has a slightly darker vibe than Discovery, but if you like Discovery, you'll love this album.
Daft Punk is one of those DJ duos who belong to a bygone era for the average mp3-downloading youth. However, Daft Punk's Discovery probably represents a seminal moment in the growth of the electro genre, and its incredible popularity has given way to newer artists like Deadmau5 taking the world by storm--just as Daft Punk did in the nineties and aughts.

Alive 2007 is the recording of one of their live performances in the "Alive" tour. The concert holds no new tracks, since Daft Punk hasn't been in the business of consistently churning out new tracks, but the mixes are absolutely masterful. Robot Rock/Oh Yeah is a fittingly slow opener, followed by Touch It/Technologic, which gets the pace going. Television Rules the Nation is when the performance starts hitting its stride, and the crowd can be heard going crazy accordingly. After that, the album is just one great mash-up after another, with the highlights being the fifth track (Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster/Around the World) and the tenth (The Prime Time of Your Life/The Brainwasher/Rollin' and Scratching/Alive) for me.

The album does run out of steam somewhat at the end, as the less recognizable Daft Punk get touched upon, but overall, Alive 2007 can arguably be called the best Daft Punk has ever sounded. If you are a Daft Punk fan, this is the album to own.

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