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Born This Way

Lady Gaga

Born This Way


  • Currently 4.666666666666667/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 1

Language: English

Total size: 9.94 Mb

Year: 2011

Total price: $0.12

9.94 Mb

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It's definitely one of Lady GaGa's more unique songs, although it doesn't quite fit the potential of GaGa's first album 'The Fame'. This is, however, one of the better songs on her new album 'Born This Way". Lady GaGa seems to be going downhill, each album getting more and more worse by the release, although this song definitely makes a good impression for her future career, as it has a catchy beat and gets stuck in your head. It also signals that Lady GaGa doesn't care what people say about her and all the rumours that spread because she is "born this way". It also gives people the courage to say the same thing to their enemies, even if it may not be out loud, they may grow stronger on the inside, battling against the baddies. I say go GaGa! But there are still room for improvements.
Lady GaGa's song born this way is one of my favourites sung by her. it is also very recent her having only recorded it in may this year. she has done very well with this song and Born This Way sold 1.108 million copies in its very first week of being launched this is the largest first week album sales in five years. the sales now exceed 5 million copies world wide. most think lady gaga is british due to her accent however she is indeed American and this song is still just as famous in Britian. if you enjoy lady gagas music then i would also recomend her new song "you and I". wonderful single from Lady GaGa. happy listening! :)
I LOVE IT!!!!! I am so tired of hearing everybody say "Oh you mean Madonna's new song" look she has never hid how she has been inspired my Madonna as a young artist. So the song sounds alot like it's from Madonna, what's wrong with that. There are alot of artists out there that have songs that heavily influenced by their idols and mentors. No one gives them a hard time. At least hers is original, I am so tired of people sampling older songs. No offense black eyed peas, kid rock, etc... but no one gives them a hard time about it. Artists are inspired by other artists. It has been happening for decades and will continue to happen decades from now. Just enjoy the song for what it is, a really great empowering, energetic upbeat song that'sj very danceable (is that a word, well it is now). Buy the song and listen to it with fresh ears. You won't regret it.

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