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Falco 3


Falco 3


  • Currently 2.0/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 10

Language: Multiple language

Total size: 117.02 Mb

Year: 1985

Total price: $1.20


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A two hit wonder to most of the world, Falco did enjoy more success in his home country of Austria and Germany throughout his career. He has a minor cross-continental with "Der Kommisar" in 1982, bu this was the primary exposure to his work for most of us. He was a Euro-pop, techno type of artist, who did some experimental work with club mixes, but most of it was nothing the English speaking world cared to consume.

Two songs here actually had some chart success, "Vienna Calling" made an appearance in the top twenty, reaching number eighteen. It's got a solid dance beat, but nothing all that memorable. The real show here is "Rock Me, Amadeus". The song earned it's position more for it's uniqueness than anything. It's very catchy, the repetition will drive itself into your head. But the song is actually educational! It contains a brief timeline of the life of composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The song was inspired by the film "Amadeus". Falco got massive mileage from it; at least 17 remixes were released. It's a kitschy kind of tune, worth hearing and having ONE mix of, but the rest of the album is pretty unlistenable. I give it a star for "Rock Me Amadeus" alone, the rest of average Euro-pop, unmemorable.

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