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Get Up!


Get Up!


  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 1

Language: English

Total size: 8.38 Mb

Year: 2011

Total price: $0.12

8.38 Mb

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Oh my god, this song is PERFECT! I never truly gave any attention to Dubstep, especially Skrillex, but I particularly enjoy Korn. This album is a perfect balance between the two that offer those excellent Rock/Metal riffs while capturing the intensity of Dubstep. Get Up! is a very great song that cuts through the media with a ginormous slash. Its interesting new combined groove of Metal and Dubstep/Electronic make Get Up seem like the unimaginably great. I would, and do highly recommend that you get this song. The chord progression provide by Korn, and the little bassy touches shot out by the famous Skrillex do seem to form this masterpiece. Skrillex and Korn sounded like they would be a terrible combination, but this song showed me. "Get Up!" buy this song, and dance to it! IT IS INDESCRIBABLY AMAZING!
You'd think a Korn and Skrillex collaboration could only end up being the worst thing ever. However, it's not quite that. Basically, it breaks down like this: if you're a Korn fan, but detest all manner of electrostep (i.e. the stuff Skrillex has been making for the better part of his career) then this song will sound like a vain attempt by Korn to further penetrate the mainstream market, and will, as such, pain your ears.

If you're a fan of both Skrillex and Korn, this song will sound like two things you like, but neither of them will have truly come to fruition. If you belong to this group, again, don't buy this single.

Then there's the people like me, who hate Korn but really like Skrillex, and to whom this album might not be such an affront. It basically sounds like one of Skrillex's more mediocre songs, neither exceptional nor horrible. I paid a meagre twelve cents for it on this site, and that was well worth it.

So, figure out what you want, and decide whether or not this album is for you. If you just like Skrillex, it might just be up your alley. Then again, Skrillex has also done far better by himself, but for the price, can you really go wrong with this one song? Get it, I'd say.

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