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Hold On My Heart


Hold On My Heart


  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 4

Language: English

Total size: 67.65 Mb

Year: 1992

Total price: $0.53

10.64 Mb
12.9 Mb
28.16 Mb

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This was one of the singles from the I Can't Dance album. It's a soft ballad, quite honestly more suited to a Phil Collins solo album. As ballads go, it's a nice one. The band thought enough of it to include it in their reunion tour in 2007; it makes a good transitional song to give the band a bit of a break, since as far as Genesis songs go, this is musically very simple, and does little to show the amazing talents of keyboardist Tony Banks and guitarist Mike Rutherford.

The supporting tracks are much stronger, in my mind. Way of the World is more up tempo, not really much more complex than "Hold On My Heart", but it's a tune that keeps moving. Lyrically, it's a heavy-handed father-to-son type song, not the album's best, but a worthy b-side.

I always seem to enjoy the live tracks on these singles more than the studio tracks, probably because the studio tracks are on albums I already own, so these are a nice bonus. The first of the two live tracks is a really nice surprise, "Home By The Sea". This is the full version, split into "Home By The Sea" and "Second Home By The Sea" on the "Genesis" album, but this is the full twelve minute version. Longtime Genesis fans count this as a favorite, largely for the instrumental second portion of the song. In start contrast to the first two songs, this is a complex, energetic song that really puts the band's talents on display.

They bring it back down for the second live track, "Your Own Special Way", one of the band's earliest ballads/singles. The song itself isn't one of their best, it was written at a time when the band was finding it's identity, but give the band anything live and it will come out as a masterpiece. It's not a song they return to often, so it's a bit of a treat to find it here, and the addition of "The Invisible String Section" shows they gave it some attention.

This is a song that is really aimed at the band's soft rock fans; those who may enjoy the song, but haven't bought the album. The live tracks are there to not only give longtime fans a bonus, but to give those casual fans a taste of what else the band has to offer. So what you will get out of this will depend on what kind of fan you are; if you don't already own "We Can't Dance", this will be a good introduction to it, and to the band as well.

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