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Holy Wars... The Punishment Due


Holy Wars... The Punishment Due


  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 3

Language: English

Total size: 37.77 Mb

Year: 1990

Total price: $0.36

14.82 Mb
8.89 Mb

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This is a nice mini album here I guess you could call it. I like to see things like these mini albums because you could just get these if you only like a couple or a handful of songs or whatever. These are good to have.I don't always like a whole album so something like this is good for me to have. I like the two songs on here and I also do like the interview that is on this mini album here. I love listening to and looking up interviews by the bands I listen to because it is interesting to here that the lead singers sound different sometimes when they talk then when they are singing on there songs. I find that interesting. Anyways. Great band,Great mini album as I call it. I give a 5 stars.This is awesome.
As many Megadeth fans know, after Dave Mustaine (or Megadave) left Metallica, he started his own band called Megadeth (hence the nickname Megadave)with bassist Dave (too many Daves) Ellefson. They then hired Gar Samuelson and Chris Poland, both of whom were musicians in a jazz fusion group called The New Yorkers. The band then released their debut called Killing Is My Business...and Business Is Good! The album had intensified songs with faster and crazier songs. The album was meant to be a "FUCK YOU!" to Metallica, and this was before Megadeth cared about song form. They eventually did, however, on their sophomore release, Peace Sells...but Who's Buying? It is known to be one of the landmarks in thrash metal today (not bad coming out with a crappy album, and then releasing one of the most influential thrash albums). The album is filled with classics, from Wake Up Dead to the famous Peace Sells. After Chris Poland and Gar Samuelson were fired for extreme substance abuse, Jeff Young joined Megadeth for the third album So Far, So Good...So What! It is an excellent, yet very underrated, album. In my opinion, it is one of the best released to this day. After Dave had to go into rehab, he went through a lengthy search for a new lead guitar player. Mustaine then hired Marty Friedman of the band Cacophony to play in the band to release their fourth album, Rust in Peace. Marty brought new ideas to the table, with more technical and progressive songs to play. In addition, his soloing technique went very well with Rust in Peace and made the album much better. The opening track, Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Megadeth just loves ellipses), has a complex riff at the beginning, and riffs that flow into each other perfectly. This song has about a dozen solos, too, making this song much more epic. I rate this song with a huge five stars, since that is the limit here. The best song on Rust in Peace by far.

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