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Just The Way You Are

Bruno Mars

Just The Way You Are


  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 1

Language: English

Total size: 8.42 Mb

Year: 2010

Total price: $0.12


8.42 Mb

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(Warning: semi-tongue-in-cheek review to follow) You know, I thought I liked this song when I first started hearing it on the radio. Then I realize that how annoying I, as a girl, find the lyrics. Either Bruno Mars knows zip about what women do to look good, or he's found THE only perfect woman in the world. And in that case, although Bruno Mars may think she's amazing, every other woman would hate her guts lol.

"Just the Way You Are" never fails to come on when I'm doing my hair - that line about "her hair falls perfectly without her trying"? - I always think Mr. Mars is either very naive, or I just want to slap this woman he's singing about. And when he tells her not even to bother asking if she looks okay? I really wish the woman would tell him to shut up with the syrupy stuff already.

Am I overreacting and overanalyzing what's probably meant to be just a bubblegum-sweet popsong by a cute singer that the teenybopper girls can swoon over? Probably. Despite being near the demographic this song's aiming for I guess I'm just not sentimental and romantic enough. So go on. You know you wanna download it. It's not really a bad song at all. Bruno Mars CAN sing. So... three stars for "Just the Way You Are" for eliciting a reaction from me at all (negative or otherwise lol) in such a bland decade for pop music.
Bruno Mars has a wonderful voice and whether he is singing a ballad or a pop song, it's sure to be a hit. "Just The Way You Are" is no exception. A shout out to the beauty of women, this hit is a pick-me-up. For those who long to be loved, for those who long to feel beautiful, for those who simply want to listen to a beautiful melody, this song is the one for you! Again, truly beautiful and truly sweet.

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