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  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 12

Language: English

Total size: 150.80 Mb

Year: 1994

Total price: $1.49

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10.27 Mb
9.22 Mb
10.58 Mb
6.54 Mb
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This band has helped me so much I love all of these songs. This album is a great energy releaser. The song blind is my favorite of course on this one along with predictable. This is Korn best album. There all amazing (except for Untitled, sorry), but this one has it all. This is where it all began for this band and this sounds is amazing is like something they couldn't do twice. I'm not sure but this album is amazing. They could have gone with a different cover art though because it's weird but whatever. Amazing band. Amazing album. The lyrics helped me so much because I can relate to most and helps me when I'm feeling down and makes things easier on me so I don't stay down. Perfect band.
This is Korns first studio album after releasing there demo Neidermeyer's mind.This album is also My number one favorite korn album. Nice and heavy and a lot of songs show how I feel in the lyrics. Not every song but a lot. My favorite songs on here are "Blind","Ball Tounge","Fake",and others. The album art shows a young girl approached by a large man and he is asking her to play horseshoes. I do not know why but that is just what Korn wanted to put as there cover. "Blind" was the only single on this album and is also a very popular song.Before korn had made a name they all moved into a small house together in Huntington Beach,California.That is where they began working on there songs.I don't want to give away all the information on how the band started out so that's a start of the information. You can find out all the rest! This is an amazing album by an amazing band. I give it a five star rating.
At first I didn't understand why Korns lyrics were so dark. Now I understand by doing research and finding out what happened to Jonathan Davis and found the reasons for the lyrical themes of most of the songs that I found disturbing.Knowing that there is a reason behind the lyrics and things had happened helps me to listen to some songs better than I could before knowing.I just won't listen to the ones that are disturbing though.This is a great heavy album. I love this one. This is Korns first album released on October 11,1994. Great year that was because it was the year to release such an awesome heavy sounding album!!! And I am sure there are other great heavy albums released during that year also! Great Album! I rate this one 5 Stars.
While most people have heard of Korn from their more accessible hits that came after this album, critics and hardcore fans for the most part point to 'Korn' as their crowning achievement. An impressive feat considering that this is just their first album, but as is the case with many bands in the nu/alternative metal genre, they never topped their debut. In fact, you could argue that this is the first true "nu" metal album, and that Korn are the first nu metal band. However, while many associate nu metal with rap and hip hop, these elements are used very sparsely, if at all on this album (and throughout much of Korn's career, honestly). That said, the funk influences from bands like Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith No More as well as the sense of groove pioneered by Pantera run rampant. Regardless, Korn's sound actually was pretty original at the time, the biggest factor being the Drop A tuning on seven-string guitars and five-string bass. This downtuning and sense of groove actually categorizes music as "nu" metal much more than any rap or hip hop components.

This album is definitely Korn's most musically consistent and lyrically intelligent. It's appropriately heavy throughout, and the lack of humorous songs really affects the album's atmosphere on the whole as opposed to later albums. Jonathan Davis may not have an amazing vocal range, but he uses what he has to great effect, utilizing gruff singing, whispering, and growling as a vehicle for his pain and frustration-filled lyrics. Brian "Head" Welch and James "Munky" Shaffer took the concept of the twin-guitar attack to another place entirely; they often play distinctly different parts, with one guitar carrying the rhythm and the other creating almost ambient sounds. David Silveria and Reginald "Fieldy" Arvizu create the rhythm section, yet Fieldy often uses his bass as a percussion instrument more than anything else, helping to define the band's sound even more.

The album's opening song "Blind" remains the most popular song from the album and one of Korn's absolute best. Often played as either the first or last song in the band's concerts, a brief intro leads into the now-trademark yell of, "Are you ready?" Churning riffs and breakdowns lead to a crescendo of a climax, only to be cut short by a funky bass line followed by guitars making turntable noises. Other highlights include "Need To", "Clown" with its warped riffing, and the lengthier "Faget". "Shoots and Ladders" contains a bagpipe intro, and the lyrics are almost entirely made up of nursery rhymes. The chorus reveals the point of doing so is to reveal the hidden meanings in some nursery rhymes. However, all of the songs are quite worthy, even if they sound a bit samey at first.

Korn would evolve with new musical innovations over the next few albums, and although their formulas are based on this first album to some degree, they rarely, if ever achieved the raw power and emotion presented here. Even if the band had broken up after this album and never hit it mainstream like they would in the next few years, this album still would have had a pretty big impact on hard rock and heavy metal. Overall, 'Korn' is recommended to those new to the band, nu/alternative metal fans, and those who write off "nu" metal as bad hard rock mixed with bad rap.

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