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Land Of Confusion


Land Of Confusion


  • Currently 4.0/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 4

Language: English

Total size: 56.49 Mb

Year: 1986

Total price: $0.48

10.87 Mb
15.94 Mb
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16.22 Mb

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Genesis reached the height of their commercial success with the release of 1986's "Invisible Touch" album, which sold over fifteen million copies, and spawned five top ten singles. Genesis began add one of the cornerstones of the progressive rock movement, creating songs with complicated arrangements and fantastic subject matter. With the departure of founding member Peter Gabriel in 1976, then lead guitarist Steve Hackett three years later, the band began to release more radio-friendly music with drummer/lead vocalist Phil Collins at the helm, supported by founding members Tony Banks on keyboard and Mike Rutherford on guitars.

The three settled into a method of writing for Genesis, jamming together to come up with both music and lyrics. Many fans of the band's original direction had become disillusioned by their new direction. But there has always been a meeting place, a song that brings the two eras together. The previous album has "Mama"; Invisible Touch had "Land of Confusion".

This song differs from the rest of the album's hits in two distinct ways. The first is subject matter. It's not a love song, it tells of a bleak future, and puts out a call to action to make a change before it becomes too late. The second area is that musically, it has more but than the rest of the album. The guitars are a little harder, less pop-sounding. Combined with the music video featuring the Spitting Image puppets, including puppet versions of the band's and then-President Ronald Reagan, this song gained popularity with audiences new and old.

Also on this single is an extended dance mix of the song. Most prominent is an extended percussion section; nothing that would play in a club today, this version his up poorly. A long instrumental piece called "Do The Neurotic" is included here. This is a good find, as it isn't included on many Genesis collections. It is a very energetic piece, heavily reliant on the drum machine and on Banks' keyboards.

The final song here is "Feeding the Fire", the original B-side for "Land of Confusion". This song would have fit well on the album, as it has a similar feel, and as with the A-side, darker subject matter. It fits very well with "Land of Confusion", and really boats the value of this as an EP.

Overall, the title track is one of the band's best, the remix is unspectacular, but the other two tracks are a good fit, and somewhat tricky to find elsewhere. If you are any kind of a Genesis fan, you really should have this piece of their history.

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