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Lift Me Up

Five Finger Death Punch

Lift Me Up


  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 1

Language: English

Total size: 7.52 Mb

Year: 2013

Total price: $0.12



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FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH HAS DONE IT AGAIN! They made another amazing song that is really, really catchy. To add on top of that, they got a ROCK LEGEND to sing on this track. Rob Halford of Judas Priest made this song 10x better than it would have been without him. Even though Ivan doesn't yell a lot in this song, he still knows how to incorporate great background vocals that the fans would get to sing when they play it live. Rob Halford does an amazing job singing the parts that he did. For being as old as he is, he STILL can sing. He can and always has been able to hit high notes. And with Ivan singing the low notes, it makes the PERFECT COMBINATION! With Jason Hook's fantastic soloing skills, he added the greatness in this song and left a ton of room for Jeremy, Chris, and Zoltan to add elements to this song. In the end, it is a MUST HAVE/MUST HEAR for any Five Finger Death Punch fan, also for any Rob Halford fans.
Five Finger Death Punch's "Lift Me Up" features Rob Halford of Judas Priest, and boy is this combination just a dream that came true. While Five Finger Death Punch busts ass throughout the song and tears the threshold of sound, Rob Halford, along with Ivan Moody, deliver cutting edge vocals that are very pleasing. I have purchased this song, and I tell you, it is one of their best yet. This song will be the first track on their new future release The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, releasing on July 30th. Five Finger Death Punch has yet to fail me, or perhaps many others whom enjoy the quality art they specialize in. Get this track, it is a true, musically genius song!

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