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Make America Psycho Again

Fall Out Boy

Make America Psycho Again


  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Type: Single

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: Digital Media

Tracks: 11

Language: English

Total size: 94.28 Mb

Year: 2015

Total price: $1.32


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This album was ok before they release this with all the remixes. I'm just struggling to understand why they needed to bring such a great album down with some very questionable remixes with artists that really don't fit into what Fall Out Boy is about. Just doesn't make sense to me. With that being said, Fall Out Boy is still fantastic, and has provided us with some amazing music! No band is perfect, and in order to grow, you need to try new things. Sometimes those new things work, sometimes they don't. If you look at Fall Out Boy in the beginning, to what they are now, they've evolved. So I understand that this could've very well been just an attempt to try something new that didn't exactly pan out. It happens. I get it.

We as fans of Fall Out Boy can rest assured that when they release their next LP, we will be as satisfied with it as we have been with their other LPs.

I think if you're into hip hop/ rap, then this may be the album for you, but if you're a Fall Out Boy fan, who enjoys the rock/pop sound, then maybe just avoid this album.

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