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Making Mirrors


Making Mirrors


  • Currently 4.4/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 12

Language: English

Total size: 97.17 Mb

Year: 2011

Total price: $1.44


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After hearing "Somebody That I Used to Know" on the radio, I could have sworn that Sting had released a new single.

Gotye's blend of modern pop with a bluesy undertone makes him very much to the 2010's what Sting and the Police were to the 80's & 90's.
What can I say about this album? Love it!!! Goyte if fantastic! Ther is so many wonderful things fore me to sayy about tyhis artist I dont know where to begin!I love the modern feel to this artisits sound, Its rock and roll meets today all in one . I love the way he has meshed together a great dance beat that is good for the clubs and still manages to have a sound ytou can understans easily with lyrics that are also easy to undersdtand!"Someone that I used to knoe" The first time I heard this song I fell in love with it!He won me over right then and there! Also, I love the way I seem to never tire of his songs! I could just listen to them over and over again without them ever starting to feel redundit! So there you have it ! Thumbs up and five stars to this breakout artist goyte! Love Him!! Til next time Red Rene
After "Somebody that I used to know" now on all stations runs up and down, and I got this attention to Gotye, I had to get somehow the corresponding album me. First some amazement that CD is with us in Germany not yet published, but then times more accurately seen and see since: as MP3 download the album is available since November available. Probably the success of the single the producers surprised so, that they take out the album now also as a CD with us. "Somebody that I used to know" is also a first-class catchy tune, for me the title has established itself immediately after the first hearing in his head. But the rest of the album titles have convinced me, Gotye celebrates fine unit sounds which always light, dreamy, and playful, and are thereby never too loud and intrusive. I feel musically to enchant know often to the 2 French sound engineer of air reminds me, their songs with similar ease. But Gotye presents other styles on "Making mirrors". Sometimes a 1980s sound, which is strongly reminiscent of sting and the police or even 70s disco and even slightly Rocky echoes. All in all very varied, versatile and beautiful.

In your light - similar to thrilling as the previous title. Here more electrical items resonate with but superficial. The sound is a loose mixture of guitar, electric and wind sounds. Melody and sound together form the perfect title of good mood. Fresh, tangy and perfect for the next summer.

State of the art - beautiful dreamy electronic song in which even the singer's voice was distorted by the computer. The sound is ausgetüftelt's detail, ranging from organ sounds of abundant electronics Geschepper of up to dramatic string samples. Simply just horny.

Don't of worry, we'll be watching you - something dark and blurred, this title sounds. The song sounds somewhere in the background, and emerges only during the chorus. The sound hovers between romance and drama. And yet, this title is another highlight of the album.

Giving me a chance - chilling and maybe a little trancig the music sounds here. To do this there's a soft and supple voice of the singer. As a revival of the 1990s.

Save me - Monoton and demanding stomping the music propels the singer. And at some point, the title seems to bloom (Chorus), the whole game repeats itself then again and ends in a pretty tangled strumming. Perhaps something peculiarly paraphrased from me but well worth hearing and beautiful.

Bronte - the drum sound reminds some of its Indian music from relevant Western and drives out is quiet and dreamy. Melody and vocals are similar to relaxed and so worthy, and calm sounds from the album.

At some points I was amazed something about the sudden end of individual songs, allowing the transitions between songs not always easy and smooth sound. But that seems to belong also to the concept of the album and upsets after some passes no longer. It is also striking that similar sounding titles are always directly in a row arranged almost as Gotye wool work through the various styles and influences in the ordered sequence. But at most minimal points of criticism on an album, which again brought a real highlight us to the end of the year.ey
Gotye is an impressive artist and "Making Mirrors" is the best album of his yet, with the experience he has from the past few years showing in his work. The masterpiece of the album is the amazing yet simplistic "Somebody That I Used To Know", which many people are now familiar with due to its extensive playing on the radio, which luckily put Gotye in the spotlight. Other tracks worth playing: "Smoke and Mirrors", "I Feel Better" and "Easy Way Out".
I think this album is great. I love the song Somebody I Used to Know, I can hardly stop listening to it long enough to listen to the rest of the album. There are a few songs I dont like as much but overall its an album I can listen to over and over again!

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