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Scars Of The Crucifix


Scars Of The Crucifix


  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: Vinyl

Tracks: 9

Language: English

Total size: 67.64 Mb

Year: 2004

Total price: $1.08


7.18 Mb
7.06 Mb
6.79 Mb
8.09 Mb
9.47 Mb
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12.82 Mb

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Deicide is my favorite band to go to when I want to hear some strong lyrics all dedicated to the dissing of my former religion I wasted my whole life on. Listening to these songs really help me and take out some anger held inside of me without me doing anything but sitting back,relaxing and enjoying some hardcore Death Metal.In most of these songs I can actually say that I do agree with these lyrics. I will be describing what each of these songs are about and giving my ratings of each of these songs here as well.I'm leaving out the song titles do to the fact I don't want to type some of them out.

So first up on the list is a very cool,yet very explicit, diss to God and Jesus.I love it. This one get's a 10/10.

Next up is a basic,straight forward,yet strong at the same time,that is an explination as to why the singer,Glen Benton,or possibly why the whole entire band,has so much anger towards God. Another 10/10.

Third song up is basically just a diss to the church. Yet again,this one is another 10/10.

The fourth song is my favorite on this album and can quite possibly be the greatest diss to God that I have ever heard and could possibly greatest that I will ever hear. I love this song and it's one that's gonna help me out a lot. Forget a 0-10,this one is so great it get's a 25/25!

Doing some research on the band came in handy while listening to number five on this album because of the lyrics.The band doesn't really mean the harsh and very vivid content described in the song,they just like to use that language to upset the followers of the religion they are dissing. Some parts I don't like so this one will get a 5/10 from me.

Number six is yet another harsh taunt song so again,a 5/10 for this one.

Song number seven is Another diss towards God and Jesus,but the guys got a bit more hardcore on them on this one but I still actually like this song. 10/10 again!

Song number eight is another diss directly targeted towards Jesus and the bible as the book it is. Loving this one 10/10.

And the last song sounds like another taunt and diss at the same time. Another good one and another 10/10!

So as you can see,I REALLY enjoyed this album a lot. Every song is great and almost all are perfect.This is one album full of hardcore God disses! Some parts of some songs I don't like but the other parts of the songs are way to good to not listen to.Amazing album,amazing dark and heavy,hard hitting sound. This album will get a great five stars from me! Loving this one.Hoping to hear that the other albums this band has to offer will be as amazing as this one is.
After listening to these guys for a while I can say that I,at the least, only like them. Not saying that they suck or there terrible or whatever,it's just a lot of there lyrics are very strong and most songs are really bad. There are some good songs though. After listening to most of there albums though, I only end up liking 3-4 songs per album due to the strong and violent lyrics at times.The only reason I listen to them is because I like the lyrics when they talk about there problems with god and stuff like that. Those are the only kind of songs I like to hear from them. I do understand that they have those kinds of lyrics because of the genre and I just choose to not listen to the violent songs and only songs,like I said before,that talk about there issues with god. This album I don't like many songs on. I only like one song on here sad to say.It's just to much for me these songs. I will be checking out more of this band though to find the type of songs I do like from them. So,for this album, I will give this a two star rating.

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