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To Hell With The Devil


To Hell With The Devil


  • Currently 5.0/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 11

Language: English

Total size: 92.97 Mb

Year: 1986

Total price: $1.32

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9.35 Mb
9.08 Mb
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I've been listening to Stryper since they started. This CD kept me listening to them. Back when MTV actually played music videos I remember watching the Stryper videos from this CD. Stryper was big back then, and they still are. You will find these songs as a staple of CDs that came after "To Hell With The Devil."

The "To Hell With The Devil" song makes a bold statement. You cannot mistake their belief after listening to this song. It has a clear message and the hard rock / heavy metal sound to go with the message. Years after the release it remains among my favorite songs of theirs. This song never gets old.

"Calling On You" was among their first videos I remember watching on MTV. I was impressed not only with the song, but also the fact that other people thought Stryper was big based on the airplay that the song and video gathered.

"Free" is a song that can keep me in check with the message it gives out. We are free to choose how to behave. In any situation, we have the freedom to choose our actions and this song has a strong beat to it to keep that thought in my mind.

"Honestly" is the first ballad on the CD. I've used it in my relationships, so it holds a firm place in my heart. I've heard all piano versions along with the version here, which has more instruments, and enjoy them both, depending on what type of music I'm in the mood for at any given time.

"The Way" was written by Oz Fox and features him in a more prominent vocal role in the song, which is a nice treat. It has a nice beat to it. Along with that, the message it portrays is clear.

What can be said about "Sing-Along Song" except one should sing along with it. It has a catchy enough beat and easy enough lyrics to sing along with it.

"Holding On" is another one of my favorites. I enjoy the music of the song. Don't get me wrong, the lyrics are good, but the music keeps me hooked. I like the guitar and drum playing of the song.

"Rockin' The World" has a good beat and good music throughout the song. Their are other songs that rank higher on my favorites from this CD, but it is a worthy addition to the list of songs on this CD.

"All Of Me," another ballad, is another song I've used in my relationships, so it too has a place in my heart. "More Than a Man" is another song where the music keeps me coming back to it. I particularly enjoy the guitar work in the song. It is a great song to close out the CD.
"To Hell With The Devil" was/is my favorite Stryper album of all time!!! My ears bled I listened to it so much when it came out in 1986. Must have bought 2 or 3 copies of my cassette tape I wore them out listening to them so much. The sound quality is exceptional. In a time (mid-1980's) when rock or metal didn't have any bass and sound quality was okay, this album stood out. The whole album is filled with big thumping foot pedals, crashing symbols, catchy but honest lyrics and hooks, and above all, the stryper-ized guitar whine/screech. "To Hell With The Devil" simply does not have one bad song! All rock/metalheads enjoyed/still enjoy this classic christian-metal album from the mid-1980's. Whoever listens to this album will be blown away by the quality, the message, and the awesome guitar-work that puts Stryper among the best. The first two tracks give you their position on life and metal music hence the name "Prelude/To Hell With The Devil". Good solos and slow heavy beat introduces the listener to the album. The next three, "Calling On You", "Free", and "Honestly" are among the bands 3 biggest hit songs. "Sing Along Song", "Holding On", "Rocking the World" are the back tracks that exhibit the catchy vocals and choruses with solid guitar work backing them up. "All of Me" and "Honestly" are the ballads that show the band can conjure up the softness of the soul. My two personal favorites are "The Way" and "More Than A Man" that feature hard heavy and ripping fast solos and riffs throughout both songs. It was these two tracks on my first cassette that made me pick up the guitar over 20 years ago. Ox Fox and Michael Sweet became my favorite guitar players after I heard these songs. You need to download this album!!!!!
This recording was the best selling and I would say best produced they ever released, would be awesome to have the one who produced this Stephan Galfas return to offer production for them again.

Digitally Recorded mastered and tranfered at a time when digital recording was not the norm showed what the band was out to do, bring out the best music possible, for 1986 they accomplished it. Selling multi-platinum of this recording proved this.

A must have for rock fans!

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