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Tomb Of The Mutilated (Remastered)

Cannibal Corpse

Tomb Of The Mutilated (Remastered)


  • Currently 3.0/5 Stars.

Type: Album

Sampling: 44,1 kHz

Source: CD

Tracks: 10

Language: English

Total size: 90.20 Mb

Year: 2002

Total price: $1.20


9.31 Mb
8.47 Mb
8.07 Mb
6.96 Mb
9.38 Mb
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I actually took the time to listen to a FULL Death Metal album. At first there were times that I raised a few eyebrows yes but I did research on some of the songs that made me do that and they say that some songs are about another person doing such gruesome acts described in these lyrics and not actually the lead singer George Fisher himself or any other members of the band wanting to actually go out and do the things in the lyrics.So I feel better now knowing that and can actually even go as far as being a fan. I also thought that the lyrics would be a bad influence on people and they would go out and do it because they think it would be cool or something like that. But as I actually read the lyrics I find that they try to be as brutal for the genre as they actually try to throw in a touch of humor every now and then in the songs to make it sound funny. So actually a majority of the things described in the songs are way to gross for someone to even want to go out and do. Now I know no one will be influenced by Cannibal Corpse lyrics. At least I hope they wouldn't want to.Basically these songs are horror influenced made up stories that are,as I call it "Rich In Visuals",meaning that the lyrics are so vivid that they can produce a movie in your head of what's going on as you listen to the song. So if your to scared to go out and see a horror film then you can just put on any Cannibal Corpse song and you got your scary movie that you can picture in yourself in your head. This album has one of there hit songs which is,such a strong title, but is called "Hammer Smashed Face", which was also featured in the Movie, Ace Ventura Pet Detective. So now that I invested some of my time in this band and the Genre I now understand that they are not influencing people to do these things there just gory made up stories that might,like I said before,raise a few eyebrows if you don't understand the genre like I didn't. So all in all I would say Interesting band,Great album, and I hope all of there albums are as good as this one is.
Right now i am VERY disgusted as to what I have heard on this horrible album. These are not a group of people,no,they are sick and disgusting monsters. Not only do they suck though,There lyrics are SICK. Not sick meaning cool or good. This is NOT good in any way possible.With a song like "Necropediphile",It just sickens me to know that people LIKE these guys and GO to SEE THEM play this stuff live in concert,but there tshirts,albums, and stuff like that and pay into this kind of stuff.Actually you can pick any song on any album from these guys and it will sicken me that they are liked.I am outraged that people like this kind of music. I understand it's called DEATH Metal,But there should be a limit to how far you should be able to go on a song. These guys are disgusting,sick monsters. And again,NOT sick meaning the cool or good sick. I mean sick in the head disgusting sick.I will never waste even as much as a penny on these guys cuz even spending one cent on them is a waste and a disgusting thing to do. That's how much hate I have for these guys.You should be ashamed of yourself if you like this. Find a good band with talent that knows how to write nice lyrics to there songs that don't have to deal with death. You should also be ashamed if you have bought into them any kind of way whether it be buying as much as one song or a full album by them,or a tshirt, or even a dvd with them performing this disgusting trash live. This stuff is so horrible. I hate to give them even one star but this site wont let me go lower than one star but oh well. I hate these guys. They suck. There evil monsters.No talent. VERY disappointing listener.Never even had as much as one good song. That's how bad and evil these guys are. If I could I would give them stars in the negative. That is how much I hate these guys. Anyways Sucky band,disgusting lyrics,again no talent. Never listening to another song from them again.

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