Battle Of The Future Buddhas Discography

Battle Of The Future Buddhas

Top tracks

Babes and Babasfrom Digging Mud9:15
Solenoid Leprechaun Driverfrom Digging Mud8:16
Life in the Trenches of Hyperspace (Into the Brain remix)from Digging Mud6:53
Illusionfrom Örebro Freakfactory7:53
Kåmprezzorztrezzfrom Masters Of Outhouse9:05
Drums in the Deepfrom Masters Of Outhouse9:50
Monotonofrom Masters Of Outhouse9:10
Morronfrom Masters Of Outhouse9:04
Hubba Bubba Ruba-dubfrom Demonoizer7:49
Scoobydoo meets The Fluff Monsterfrom Demonoizer9:48

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