Top tracks

The Beat Goes Onfrom The Best Smooth Jazz...Ever!4:57
Bugle Call Ragfrom No Funny Hats4:01
Slow Funkfrom No Funny Hats6:29
West Side Story Suitefrom No Funny Hats9:32
Tales of Rhoda Ratfrom No Funny Hats7:53
Solo 8 (Live from Montreal, Canada, 1976)from The Solos4:35
Solo 7 (Live from Orlando, FL, 1976)from The Solos4:48
Solo 2 (Live from Germany, 1977)from The Solos8:20
Solo 5 (Live from Germany, 1977)from The Solos10:59
Solo 9 (Live from Boston Globe JazzFest, 1976)from The Solos8:03