Cannabis Corpse Music Discography

Cannabis Corpse

Top tracks

I Will Smoke Youfrom Blunted At Birth3:09
Blunted at Birthfrom Blunted At Birth3:44
Staring Through My Eyes That Are Redfrom Blunted At Birth3:04
I Cum Budfrom Blunted At Birth4:19
When Weed Replaces Lifefrom Blunted At Birth3:14
Force Fed Shitty Grassfrom Blunted At Birth3:09
Reefer Stashed Placefrom Blunted At Birth3:04
Gallery of Stupid Highfrom Tube Of The Resinated3:21
Disposal of the Baggyfrom Tube Of The Resinated3:21
Sentenced to Burn Onefrom Tube Of The Resinated3:28