Carlos Elliot Jr. Music Discography

Carlos Elliot Jr.

Top tracks

Black, White Or Native, We're All Americansfrom Raise The Fire America4:37
Take A Ride With Mefrom Raise The Fire America3:27
Got This Feelin'from Del Otun & El Mississippi4:35
When The Beat Hits Youfrom Del Otun & El Mississippi3:20
This Is My Bandfrom Del Otun & El Mississippi4:56
Katrina The Mulefrom Del Otun & El Mississippi3:32
My Mule Bray's In Othar's Hoodfrom Del Otun & El Mississippi2:48
Story Of Otun & North Msfrom Del Otun & El Mississippi3:55
I Love You With All My Heartfrom Del Otun & El Mississippi3:21