Company of Wolves Music Discography

Company of Wolves

Top tracks

Call of the Wildfrom Company of Wolves4:58
Institutionfrom Steryl Spycase4:46
Rocks In Your Headfrom Steryl Spycase5:02
Dance Yourself Stupidfrom Steryl Spycase4:24
Damnedfrom Steryl Spycase2:39
The Ballad of Sailor Jack & Georgiefrom Steryl Spycase3:55
Skin To Skinfrom Steryl Spycase4:40
Same Way Out (that you came in)from Steryl Spycase5:00
Rhythm And Boozefrom Steryl Spycase4:47
Rocks In Your Head (demo version)from Steryl Spycase3:40