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Creed Fisher

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This Place Called USAfrom Life Of A Workin' Man4:35
If You Have a Right to Burn My Flag (Then I Have a Right to Kick Your Ass)from Rednecks Like Us3:47
If You Wanna Have A Good Timefrom Life Of A Workin' Man5:30
Daddy's Been Gone Too Longfrom Life Of A Workin' Man3:26
The Way That I Amfrom Life Of A Workin' Man4:01
I've Been Drunk And I'm Still Drinkin'from Life Of A Workin' Man2:56
Her Scarsfrom Rednecks Like Us3:23
Take Everythingfrom Rednecks Like Us5:34
Freedom Ain't Freefrom Rednecks Like Us4:32
If the South Is so Bad, Why'd You Want It Back?from Rednecks Like Us3:01