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Drowning In The Worldfrom Misanthropic Euphoria3:16
Limited Freedomfrom Misanthropic Euphoria5:26
Masters of Nothingfrom Misanthropic Euphoria4:08
Entropyfrom Misanthropic Euphoria4:29
Turning Leavesfrom Misanthropic Euphoria4:23
Never Forgive, Never Forgetfrom Misanthropic Euphoria4:44
Wasted Carbonfrom Misanthropic Euphoria3:07
Usagi Yojimbo [Bonus Track]from Misanthropic Euphoria4:03
I Am Warfrom Misanthropic Euphoria6:10
The Face Of Godfrom Misanthropic Euphoria5:48