Deeds Of Flesh Discography

Deeds Of Flesh

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Caelum Hirundines Terra / The Sky Swallows the Earthfrom Portals To Canaan1:47
Rise of the VIrvum Juggernautfrom Portals To Canaan4:13
Celestial Serpentsfrom Portals To Canaan5:36
Xeno-Virusfrom Portals To Canaan5:30
Entranced in Decades of Psychedelic Sleepfrom Portals To Canaan6:39
Orphans of Sicknessfrom Portals To Canaan5:26
Hollow Human Husksfrom Portals To Canaan4:09
Portals to Canaanfrom Portals To Canaan4:35
Amidst the Ruinsfrom Portals To Canaan4:32
Deeds of Fleshfrom Trading Pieces3:00