Top tracks

The Last One Alivefrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:25
Helpless Hopefrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)5:36
The Heart Of A Graveyardfrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:08
Deathfrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)2:34
Waste Mefrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:49
I Will Fail Youfrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:44
One Last Songfrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:21
Hell Don't Need Mefrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:06
What I'm Notfrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:00
Cross To Bearfrom Extremist (Deluxe Edition)4:29

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