Elvis Costello & The Imposters Music Discography

Elvis Costello & The Imposters

Top tracks

Unwanted Numberfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)3:33
Burnt Sugar Is So Bitterfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)4:17
Don't Look Nowfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)2:29
Photographs Can Liefrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)3:39
Stripping Paperfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)3:53
I Let the Sun Go Downfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)4:26
Mr. & Mrs. Hushfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)3:46
Dishonor the Starsfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)3:18
Suspect My Tearsfrom Look Now (Deluxe Edition)4:50