Top tracks

Hole In The Skyfrom Hole In The Sky3:48
Bury The Hatchetfrom Bury The Hatchet4:06
As We Drift (Dance With The Dead Remix)from As We Drift (Remix)3:05
Where The Slide Is Brokenfrom Hail The Sycophants4:36
Day Of Perilfrom Hail The Sycophants3:04
Let Them Bleedfrom Hail The Sycophants4:11
Causticfrom Hail The Sycophants3:48
As We Driftfrom Hail The Sycophants5:15
Perfect No Onefrom Hail The Sycophants3:52
Something Deadlyfrom Hail The Sycophants4:16