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Messiah: Hallelujah Chorusfrom The 50 Greatest Pieces Of Classical Music3:32
12: Part I Chorus: For unto us a Chils is bornfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD144:05
17: Part I Chorus: Glory to God in the higestfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD141:52
Water Music, Suite II in D major: 2. Alla Hornpipefrom Handel: Water Music - Music for the Royal Fireworks, CD164:05
14: Part I Recitative-soprano: There were shepherdsfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD140:30
07: Part I Chorus: And we shall purifyfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD142:29
22: Part II Chorus: Behold the lamb of Godfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD142:22
16: Part I Recitative-soprano: And suddenly there was with the angelfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD140:17
15: Part I Recitative-soprano: And the angels said unto themfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD140:31
21: Part I Chorus: His yoke is easyfrom Handel: Messiah I, CD142:20