Top tracks

Killer Likes Candyfrom Lover'S Requiem3:33
The Ship Of Pills And Needed Thingsfrom Lover'S Requiem3:42
Lover'S Requiemfrom Lover'S Requiem4:15
Dark Carnival Of The Immaculatefrom Lover'S Requiem3:16
Of Masques And Martyrsfrom Lover'S Requiem3:38
Our Friend Lazarus Sleepsfrom Lover'S Requiem2:55
We Are Always Searchingfrom Lover'S Requiem3:29
Pretty People Never Lie, Vampires Never Really Diefrom Lover'S Requiem4:33
The Denouementfrom Lover'S Requiem3:19
Crossing The River Styxfrom Lover'S Requiem1:56