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Berylfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)3:11
Lights Of Taorminafrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)6:09
Long Cool Girlfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)5:06
Laughs And Jokes And Drinks And Smokesfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)6:41
Silver Eaglefrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)5:02
Broken Bonesfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)5:30
Hot Dogfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)2:53
Basilfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)5:45
Wherever I Gofrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)6:27
River Townsfrom Tracker (Deluxe Edition)6:17

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