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Michael Giacchino

Top tracks

Star Trek Main Themefrom Star Trek Into Darkness3:26
The Incredibles: The Increditsfrom DisneyPixar Greatest7:24
The Incredibles: The Increditsfrom Disney • Pixar Greatest7:24
Ratatouille: Wall Ratfrom DisneyPixar Greatest1:51
Ratatouille: Colette Shows Him le Ropesfrom DisneyPixar Greatest2:58
Logos / Pranking the Nativesfrom Star Trek Into Darkness3:02
Up: Carl Goes Upfrom DisneyPixar Greatest3:35
Ratatouille: Colette Shows Him le Ropesfrom Disney • Pixar Greatest2:58
Your Father Would Be Proudfrom Rogue One: A Star Wars Story4:53
Ratatouille: Wall Ratfrom Disney • Pixar Greatest1:51