Top tracks

Flirtin' With Disasterfrom Flirtin' With Disaster (Remastered)4:59
Dreams I'll Never Seefrom Molly Hatchet7:08
Bounty Hunterfrom Molly Hatchet3:00
Whiskey Manfrom Flirtin' With Disaster (Remastered)3:39
Gator Countryfrom Molly Hatchet6:17
Flirtin' With Disasterfrom 25th Anniversary (Best Of Re-Recorded)5:08
I'll Be Runningfrom Molly Hatchet3:02
Dreams I'll Never Seefrom 25th Anniversary (Best Of Re-Recorded)7:28
The Creeperfrom Molly Hatchet3:20
Trust Your Old Friendfrom Molly Hatchet3:55