Top tracks

Shadows Unveiled [Version : Falling Skies]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]3:33
Use Once and Destroy [Version : Alien Vampires]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]5:17
Remains of Eden [Version : Die Sektor]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]5:17
Suffer Well [Version : Dismantled]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]3:35
Use Once and Destroy [Version : MissFit Toys]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]4:13
Afferte Mihi Mortem [Version : Modern Weapons]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]3:59
Afferte Mihi Mortem : Nix Down the Rabbit Holefrom [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]4:43
Order of the Shadow [Version : The VIle Augury]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]4:22
Take My Hand While I Take My Life : Fetid, Rotted, Fucked and Forgottenfrom [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]6:08
Suffer Well [Version : Life Cried]from [Disorder : The Shadow Sessions]4:28