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Sacred Grove of the Sapphire Cascadesfrom The Twelve Temples3:09
Holy Glass Monolith of Rose River Canyonfrom The Twelve Temples1:56
Courtyard of the Great Druid Hengefrom The Twelve Temples2:44
Desolate Shrine of Aminthiria Dungeonfrom The Twelve Temples2:43
Cathedral of Glistening Hopefrom The Twelve Temples2:34
Sunlight Basilica of Kingshaven Squarefrom The Twelve Temples2:14
In the Abbey of Innocencefrom The Twelve Temples1:53
Sacrificed in the Defiled Chapel of Grivenstrakfrom The Twelve Temples2:38
Church of Crystal Powerfrom The Twelve Temples3:23
The Radiant Glow of the Submerged Templefrom The Twelve Temples2:35