Santa Hates You Music Discography

Santa Hates You

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Hexenpolizeifrom Crucifix Powerbomb4:19
Bootcampfrom Crucifix Powerbomb5:42
Your Soul's Funeralfrom Crucifix Powerbomb4:31
You Make Me Wanna Bang My Head Against the Wall and Not in a Good Wayfrom Crucifix Powerbomb4:40
God Is Hiding Under My Bedfrom Crucifix Powerbomb4:47
Sexuelle Unordnungfrom Crucifix Powerbomb4:17
The Bonus 2.0from Crucifix Powerbomb3:46
La Malìafrom Crucifix Powerbomb4:32
Z.O.M.B.I.E.from Crucifix Powerbomb4:33
Fuck That I'm Human!from Crucifix Powerbomb4:48