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Bitter (The Execution Of A Chump)from La Revancha1:01
Raging Hate, Fear & Flower Power VIolencefrom La Revancha0:33
Drunkard Genaiifrom La Revancha0:49
The One With The Goat's Got An Orgy Up The Sleevefrom La Revancha1:15
Golden Egg Stancefrom La Revancha0:38
Sweet Home Alabamafrom La Revancha2:28
Musica De La Rocafrom La Revancha0:21
WWF Rematch At The Cow Palace (Aluta Continua)from La Revancha0:50
Coil Of The Serpent Unwindsfrom La Revancha1:13
4 Times A Dayfrom La Revancha0:44

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