Sting & Shaggy Music Discography

Sting & Shaggy

Top tracks

Don't Make Me Waitfrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:35
To Love and Be Lovedfrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:30
Waiting for the Break of Dayfrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:19
44/876 [Sting, Shaggy, Morgan Heritage & Aidonia]from 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:00
Just One Lifetimefrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:31
If You Can't Find Lovefrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:34
Morning Is Comingfrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)3:11
22nd Streetfrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)4:00
Sad Trombonefrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)5:44
Gotta Get Back My Babyfrom 44/876 (Deluxe Edition)2:57