Superfluous Motor Music Discography

Superfluous Motor

Top tracks

Feed The Firefrom Trifecta: Funk1:54
Lay The Groundworkfrom Trifecta: Funk5:22
Catamaran Manfrom Trifecta: Funk4:37
All That Jargonfrom Trifecta: Funk5:11
Peel Outfrom Trifecta: Funk3:01
Cover Groundfrom Trifecta: Funk6:36
Road Blockfrom Trifecta: Funk6:40
Shake Upfrom Trifecta: Funk7:55
Catch The Driftfrom Trifecta: Funk4:58
Red Pens And Wooden Spoonsfrom Trifecta: Funk6:37