The Chronomaster Project Music Discography

The Chronomaster Project

Top tracks

The Mission (feat. Mark Boals)from The Android Messiah4:31
The End Of My Worldfrom The Android Messiah4:44
The Ancient Throne of Tessev Vfrom The Android Messiah5:04
The Invaders’ Chronicle, Pt.1 – We Came in Peace (feat. Amanda Somerville)from The Android Messiah4:35
The Last Man of Ice (feat. Snowy Shaw)from The Android Messiah5:36
The Invaders’ Chronicle, Pt.2 – In Hoc Signo Vinces (feat. Gianluca Mastrangelo)from The Android Messiah6:41
Generation Clash (feat. Mike Mills & Chris Boltendhal)from The Android Messiah5:44
Revenge of the Last (feat. Nina Osegueda)from The Android Messiah6:11
The End of Your Worldfrom The Android Messiah5:16
Nothing Left to Lose (feat. Marcela Bovio)from The Android Messiah9:28