Top tracks

Bathyalpelagic I: Impassesfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)4:25
Abyssopelagic II: Signals Of Anxietyfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)5:05
Hadopelagic I: Omen Of The Deepfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)1:07
Abyssopelagic I: Boundless Vastsfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)3:28
Demersal: Cognitive Dissonancefrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)9:05
Mesopelagic: Into The Uncannyfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)5:56
Benthic: The Origin Of Our Wishesfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)5:56
Hadopelagic II: Let Them Believefrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)9:18
Bathyalpelagic II: The Wish In Dreamsfrom Pelagial (Limited Edition)3:18