The Rock'n'roll Kamikazes Music Discography

The Rock'n'roll Kamikazes

Top tracks

Your Monkeyfrom Campari & Toothpaste2:14
You Might Not Know Mefrom Campari & Toothpaste3:17
A Hole In Your Soulfrom Campari & Toothpaste2:47
Graveyard Bluesfrom Campari & Toothpaste3:07
Ice Cold Beerfrom Campari & Toothpaste2:21
Who Tweaked Your Motorfrom Campari & Toothpaste3:24
No No No (You Don't Love Me)from Campari & Toothpaste3:49
Lordy Lord (My Ass)from Campari & Toothpaste3:12