Vacant Fever Discography

Vacant Fever

Top tracks

Gimme Tonightfrom Psychic VIbrations2:59
Assholes & Elbowsfrom Psychic VIbrations2:55
Over & Out (Going Down)from Psychic VIbrations5:57
Psychic VIbrationsfrom Psychic VIbrations1:40
Outta My Headfrom Psychic VIbrations2:58
The World At Nightfrom Psychic VIbrations2:59
Leaping Place For Soulsfrom Psychic VIbrations3:08
Headdress Made Of Firefrom Psychic VIbrations2:05
The Delusion Of Doublesfrom Psychic VIbrations2:38
Different (Like Everybody Else)from Psychic VIbrations3:02