World's End Girlfriend Music Discography

World's End Girlfriend

Top tracks

The Octuple Personality and Eleven Crowsfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland10:32
Birthday Resistancefrom Hurtbreak Wonderland5:23
River Was Filled With Storiesfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland10:13
Bless Yourself Bleedfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland10:32
Wanderingfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland1:49
Ghost of a Horse Under the Chandelierfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland7:56
Grass Arkfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland10:14
100 Years of Chokefrom Hurtbreak Wonderland13:22
Breath or Castle Balladfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland3:15
Dance for Borderline Miscanthusfrom Hurtbreak Wonderland4:39