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Faet Narok Onefrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)4:00
Faet Narok Twofrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)3:47
Faet Narok Fivefrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)3:31
Faet Narok Fourfrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)4:07
Faet Narok Sevenfrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)4:03
Faet Narok Sixfrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)4:11
Faet Narok Eightfrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)4:00
Faet Narok Threefrom แฝดนรก (Faet Narok)4:23
Stasisfrom Desertshore / The Final Report5:25
Emerge To Space Jazzfrom Desertshore / The Final Report5:56