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its raining and i have to go to school... but id rather be with you. for i am nothing without you.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:42
it rained outside, but I'm in school wondering about her.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii2:18
its raining outside and im indoors being lazy.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:57
it rained and im inside reminiscence the times we hadfrom 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:44
its raining outside and you are all i think of. i need you.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii5:00
it rained today and i constantly think about you, i know ill never get the chance to say i love you but. i hope you miss me.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii3:25
it rained outside and i got a sp404sx, but i still miss you.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:13
its raining and im inside dying cause of you...from 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:10
it rained today im still figuring where you went tofrom 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:37
it rained outside and i am inside... fuck you.from 雨チューン vol​.​ii1:41