1/1 (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Liars

1/1 (original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

by Liars

  • 15 Tracks
  • 320 kbps
  • 43:47


1.No Now Not Your Faceby Liars2:54
2.Cottagevejby Liars2:00
3.Caused By the Glitchby Liars1:34
4.Helsingor Laneby Liars4:20
5.Lesson In Threesby Liars1:48
6.Telepathic Interrogationby Liars1:58
7.Gesta Danorumby Liars2:12
8.Caused By the Pitchby Liars3:07
9.The Jelling Shipby Liars2:07
10.Shitraverby Liars3:30
11.Drastic Tacticby Liars2:31
12.Liquoriceby Liars3:43
13.Nøkkeby Liars2:37
14.The Finger Planby Liars2:44
15.Beyondby Liars6:42